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Founded in Montreal in 1965, Bélanger Laminates is the largest manufacturer of molded products in Canada, notably for laminate countertops. Since its beginnings and until today, its products have evolved greatly, so much so that their quality and durability now trump those of most other types of surfaces.


Unfortunately, because of the popularity of granite and quartz surfaces, consumers lost sight of laminate, and their perception of this product category remained static with a time when questionable colours competed with poor imitations of natural materials. Combining an outdated technology and a very technical presentation of its products, Bélanger’s website did not help the perception of its flagship product category, laminate countertops.

The objective


Reposition the Bélanger Laminates brand and promote laminated products through the redesign of the company’s website.


The insight


Seeing and touching a Bélanger countertop is sufficient to understand in an instant that this product has nothing to do with the reputation it wrongly bears. When compared to natural materials, you can hardly see the difference between the colours and textures of the laminated surfaces. In addition, they are generally of easy maintenance and less expensive than most other materials used for work surfaces.

The idea


Seeing the Bélanger products first was necessary to be able to communicate the technical information of a product. Besides, any kitchen, bathroom or office design inevitably begins with a search for inspiration: it is at this particular moment that Bélanger has to establish itself in order to be considered later on. Our vision was thus to go through the heart, and then through the head.

This idea took its form in the “Smart design” signature.

In order to inspire the notion of “design”, the new website puts forth large immersive and close-up images in which we can perceive the product’s texture and its colour details. We have furthermore amalgamated images of raw materials such as rock, stone or aged wood, to showcase how surprising the resemblances are. The digital design in its whole, clean, delicate and resolutely modern, recalls the communication platforms of furniture designers and architects. Thus, it inspires a brand rooted in trends and design.


In terms of content, inspirations are put forward to stimulate our customers’ imagination from the start. Added to this is an array of tools to help with the selection of a product as well as more technical information on the product’s qualities, reaffirming that the choice of a laminate as a surface material is a smart one.

Driving conversation through emotion


By stimulating consumers’ imagination through an inspiring graphic universe, we surprise them and challenge expectations.

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