Branding, Positioning, Packaging design



Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc produces krill oil, a natural product that contains Omega-3s, and sells this product to various companies who then market it. With the expiry of their patent on the horizon, Neptune decided to start marketing its own brand of krill oil capsules and selling them online, first targeting the Canadian and American markets.


This diversification strategy came with its own challenges. First, consumers have a mixed perception of natural health products. Also, the Canadian market was already very much dominated by the Jamieson brand. And lastly, the overall budget for developing and marketing the product was relatively modest.


The objective


Develop and market the new Neptune product and launch a campaign to familiarize the public with the brand.

The insight


Krill has a red colour. Many competing brands reference this colour, whether in their name (i.e. Royal Red, Omega Red) or on their packaging. Red is also a symbol of action and performance. We had to do something different to stand out while also using symbolism that conveys the nature of the brand.

Neptune is also the only company with patented krill oil extraction methods, lending it undeniable scientific credibility as well as a superior quality of product.

The idea


To get a clear picture of the target market’s behaviours and better understand the market dynamics, for which there was little existing information, we conducted an in-depth series of studies to identify the qualities sought out by purchasers of natural products. The next phase was to determine the defining elements of Neptune’s mission.

Last, we looked to create relevant links between the two. It became apparent that science, nature and effectiveness were primary concerns for consumers and for Neptune. These three pillars acted as our guide as we developed the brand OCEANO3 and helped us create a brand that consumers would see as trustworthy.

The name OCEANO3 and the brand image were tested with the target clientele to create a ready-to-market product tailored to their needs. In addition to creating the branding, we established a unique language and a personality and tone to be conveyed at every point of contact with the consumer, from the website to the thank-you card they receive with their products.

Archipel was also tasked with implementing the roll-out strategy, which was centred around a communication strategy featuring editorial and video content, an influencer campaign, a targeted SEO and SEM strategy and highly segmented social media offensives.