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Women, especially millennial women, are incessantly targeted by food trends and an endless stream of new diets and superfoods, each promising to be more effective than the last. One thing these trends have in common is their disparagement of the potato. And with the huge influx of “new” foods, the potato we all know and love is often forgotten.


The objective


Communicate the nutritional value of the Quebec potato so that consumers can enjoy potatoes again guilt-free.

The insight


Our primary target market, women aged 18 to 35, tend to want to incorporate new food trends into their meals, but more often than not don’t get great results.

The idea


It’s a fact: Quebec potatoes are good for your health and also simply taste good. And who better than Katherine Levac to share this message in an entertaining way? As the new voice of Épatante patate, Katherine compares the potato to various trendy vegetables, effectively demonstrating that it’s just as good (if not better!).


The short, effective ten-second spot was broadcast on TV, radio and the web.




The website lists facts to teach readers about the nutritional value of Quebec potatoes, and even offers recipes starring our favourite veggie.


The campaign included communication kits for the media and nutritionists comparing the nutritional value of Quebec potatoes with other fruits and vegetables to ensure clear understanding.




The campaign generated 9.5 million TV impressions, one million pre-roll ad impressions and 11.3 million banner impressions, which allowed us to reach most of our target marketing across different platforms. The different tactics used also attracted over 57,500 visits to the website.


Driving conversion through emotion


A simple message delivered in a genuine way, along with some silly comparisons and surprising conclusions, reminds us that the potato doesn’t need to justify its place on our plates and that it always has and always will be a tasty and nutritious choice.