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Commonly maligned by the latest diets and sometimes overshadowed by food trends, the Quebec potato has often, quite wrongly, been given a bad reputation.


Over the past twelve years, the potato growers and packagers of Quebec, in collaboration with the Archipel synergie créative agency, have continually come up with original ideas to reiterate the nutritional benefits of the “Épatante patate” (“Amazing potato”), and to defend its place on our plates.


But then, there comes a time to stop proving yourself.



The goal


Encourage consumers to embrace their fondness for the Quebec potato and to finally enjoy it without guilt.

The insight


In Quebec, 97% of people like potatoes. This vegetable, which we often like as children (who among us has never concealed the horrible taste of another food with a big bite of potato?) and which is used to make our classics—shepherd’s pie, mashed potatoes, poutine and soon—is definitely part of Quebec’s culinary heritage. So if the potato has its rightful place in Quebecers’ hearts and on their plates, why do we need to justify this place?

The idea


In 2019, the “Épatante patate” begins a transitional year. Though the 2018 annual campaign was about the potato’s nutritional qualities and how it compares to other vegetables, the current campaign makes fun of preconceived notions that can curb its consumption. With the signature “C’est plate pas de patate” (“It’s boring without potato”), the campaign invites consumers to embrace their fondness of the tuber and to put aside any objections to its consumption. The campaign consists of four video spots available on digital platforms and supported by various social media activations.

One of these activations involves giving a voice to potato enthusiasts. In collaboration with the influence marketing agency La Grosse Business, eight influencers who are also comedians expressed their views on the Quebec potato. Alexandre Bisaillon, Chloée Deblois, David Beaucage, Étienne Dano, Guillaume Pinault, Jean-François Provençal, Kévin Marquis and Mélanie Maynard shared their impressions of what is probably Quebec’s most popular vegetable with humour and affection, through original creations published on the Instagram and Facebook platforms.


Driving conversion through emotion


Ultimately, it is the many potato lovers in Quebec who, through outpourings of affection and praise on social media, showed us that in Quebec, the potato is beloved from breakfast to dinner, time and again. Encouraged by this wave of love, and with a good helping of confidence, the “Épatante patate” is entering a new era that celebrates its great taste and versatility because, in the end, #cestplatepasdepatate.

* L’Observateur survey, March 2018

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