Brand strategy, B2B promotional activation



Lefebvre & Benoit, one of Quebec’s biggest suppliers of construction materials, celebrated 60 years in the business in 2018. The company tasked Archipel with marking this major event.



The objective


Increase awareness of Lefebvre & Benoit

Create customer loyalthy

Boost sales


The insight


Make a humorous reference to the old way of doing things in the construction world.


The idea


Who better to show us how the industry has changed than a construction worker? Synvain, a well-liked web series character played by our art director, Stéphane Raymond, starred in three comedic video capsules highlighting 60 years of Lefebvre & Benoit. These capsules were e-mailed to the company’s customers with an invitation to participate in a contestwhich was the focus of the campaign’s activation.

All participating customers were entered in a draw for a grand prize: a Chevrolet Silverado truck valued at $43,000. For every $1,000 participants spent, they would receive additional entries in the draw. The promotion was supported with sales material distributed by representatives and in-store posters.


The campaign ended with a celebratory evening to which customers of Lefebvre & Benoit were invited as guests. Attendees watched the draw for the Silverado and enjoyed oysters, entertainment and a live performance from Synvain himself.



The results of the promotional offensive went way beyond our expectations and even surpassed the performance averages for the channels we used. For example, over 50% of newsletters were opened at each mailing. The 517 contest participants alone boosted sales by 40% (compared to a 19% increase from non-participants, compared to sales in the same period of the previous year).


Driving conversion through emotion


The campaign thanked customers for the major part they have played in Lefebvre & Benoit’s success using a variety of elements: content developed for their enjoyment, various references to the construction industry through the character of Synvain and fun, ongoing communications. These result of these elements coming together was a great celebration!

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