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Alpine is a private medical clinic that offers personalized and diverse quality care in a pleasant and dynamic environment. The Clinic follows a flexible model adapted to today’s modern lifestyles.


The Alpine Clinic boasts various packages to better meet the needs of its patients, no matter their age, also gladly serving businesses. Although specialized in family medicine, Alpine also offers cosmetic medical care.

The Goal


To create a strong and inspiring brand image, bringing to mind the Clinic’s mission.


The inspiration


The Clinic draws its inspiration from its location. Situated in Bromont, it is crucial that its image reflect nature, the forest and the mountain. Its interior design is mainly influenced by Scandinavian aesthetics, neutral tones and raw materials.

The idea


In this case, the idea was to retain the same sources of inspiration used by the Clinic and to apply them to the brand’s image design. That is why the logo, which represents the mountain, is rooted in the rune-alphabet, an ancient script used by Scandinavian peoples in the days of yore. As for the colours, they are soft and harmonious, evoking a calm and reassuring environment.


Thanks to natural images, the online experience follows the same trend. The content is intentionally pared down and simple in order to make the experience as enjoyable as possible
for future patients.

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