Archipel is a multidisciplinary team with the mission of creating campaigns that matter.

Much like an archipelago of islands—the inspiration behind our name—we believe in the strength of the collective. Our group identity is founded on the pillars of collaboration, open-mindedness and curiosity.


Our daily motivation comes from evoking emotions that drive conversions. We analyze data and observe cultural contexts to create memorable campaigns, thus developing loyalty, engaging your audience and changing perceptions. This is how we create campaigns that count.

Our team can’t be beat!



Composed of both passionate, driven youth and experienced, visionary veterans, it is a tight-knit group where everyone inspires one another. Ours is a lively yet thoughtful team motivated by a shared quest for excellence.


It’s a winning combination.




Caroline Barrette



Creative Director and Partner


Pascal Nadeau


Executive Vice-President,

Strategic Planner, Director of Client Services and Partner


Jean-Sébastien Granger


Director, Strategy and Development


Audrey Pelletier


Digital Strategy Director


Nathalie Gascon


Client Services Director and Media Planning


Nathalie McGowan


Client Services Director, Digital


Marie-Eve Gouin


Director of Operations, Culture and Talents


Stéphane Raymond


Art Director


Patrick Williams


Co-Creative Director, Design


Fredéric Simard




Marie-Ève Boily


Head of Digital Production


Camille Chrétien




Vadsana Vongsavath




Isabelle Tremblay


Project Manager


Joanie Boulanger


Project Manager


Karim Boudiba




Diane Bourbonnais


Computer Graphics Designer


Alexa Perreault


Project Manager


Isabelle Hardy




Sarah Paré-Tremblay


Junior Computer Graphics Designer